explore. share. meet. play.

foursquare is part city guide and part social network. Check-in to places around town to let your friends know where you are or check out their location to meet up for a bit of serendipity.

Or if you want to go it alone, check out nearby tips from other users to see what the locals think!

If you’re the loyal type, you just might become the mayor of your favorite place and maybe get some kickbacks! If scavenger hunts are more your speed, try to collect as many badges as you can!


GPS locating of nearby places, people, and tips

Search for the place you want or add a new one if you're the first

View a map of all nearby places and see a map of where your friends are

Find nearby banks, ATMs, and parking lots quickly

Upload photos to Flickr, TweetPhoto, Pikchur, or FSpic and tag them with your coordinates and the foursquare venue ID

Attach photos and videos to shouts and check-ins

Tightly integrates with webOS and other webOS apps like Bad Kitty and Free Music Ringtones

Get dashboard notification pings when your friends check-in

Call, text, tweet, or e-mail your friends straight from the app

If something looks wrong, suggest edits to venues and flag them as closed, duplicates, or mis-located.
webos exclusives
foursquare for webOS brings the full foursquare experience you'd expect, but adds so much more to it than clients on other platforms.
A Picture Says 140 Characters
One of the biggest webOS-exclusive features is the ability to attach images or videos to your check-ins and shouts.

Need Some Cash?
If you're at an unfamiliar part of town you can easily find nearby parking lots and ATMs around your venue.

Su Casa es in My Way!
Some users like to check-in to their houses, but if it's not your house they just clutter things up! Use the option to push houses down to the bottom of the venue list.

How Do We Get There?
Easily grab directions from your current GPS position to the selected venue using the built-in webOS Google Maps app.

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