Web Design & Development

Left for Read

The digital scrap and recipe book of Rhea. Custom CMS that allows posting of different post types.
Parlay's Bar

Redesign of local bar's website. Features custom content and event updating, with a photo gallery pulling from their Facebook page, and Foursquare integration.

Hero|farm is a marketing and advertising agency that tries to stay away from the norm.

Convention Plant Designs

Floral arrangements for conventions. Image gallery features simple photo uploads.
Start Select

Video game music cover band. Photo gallery, blog, YouTube video feed, event calendar.
Holy Rosary

Catholic grade and high school. Static HTML site updated via CushyCMS. (Design no longer active)


Personal blog. This is the current design.

Personal blog. Design based off B horror films

Personal blog. Design inspired by stereo VU meters


Personal blog. Design based off Polaroid photos
The GameTrader

Now-defunct local used video game store. Full e-commerce site with blogging platform. (Site no longer online)