webOS Apps


Foursquare is an app that’s part city guide, part friend finder, and part game. Check in to places enough and unlock badges, become the mayor, and unlock specials to get free or discounted stuff!

Foursquare develops their iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry apps in-house, but relies on developers to leverage their excellent and open API to build apps for other platforms.


neato! is a pretty unique app. It allows you to instantly send text and URLs to your computer from your phone, and vice-versa! If you’re reading a site on your PC and want to take it on the go, click the neato! bookmark, and it pops up on your phone!

neato! also allows you to send stuff to other neato! users, including contacts.


growlr is a webOS client for the social network Untappd. Untappd is just like foursquare, but for beer! Let your friends know what you’re drinking, see what they’re drinking, and rate beers or add them to your wishlist.

You can even say where you’re enjoying your brew, and share that location on foursquare or Gowalla!

Yo, Taco!

Yo, Taco! is a Foursquare Connected App that lets you know how far you are from a place that sells tacos every time you check-in. Just connect it t your Foursquare account and watch the magic in your iOS or Android app!

Wooden Rows

Wooden Rows is an EnyoJS (v1) app that allows users to keep track of their physical movies, video games, books, and music in a virtual shelf system. Items can be searched by barcode, ISBN, or keyword. Once added to the app, all items are synced to the Wooden Rows server (http://woodenro.ws) so that items can be synced on all devices.


incredible! is a social media aggregator. Connect your favorite networks -- foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Untappd, Flickr, and tons more -- and instantly see what your friends have been up to by scrolling through a chronological feed of everything!

What’s more is incredible! is smart -- it removes duplicate postings regardless of the network and you can create rules and groups to color code items in your stream to quiet the noise.